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Motion Pro High quality action cameras. Take beautiful HD videos and fantastic photos with a small lightweight camcorder that fits easily in your pocket. Ideal for outdoor sports and travel photography.
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About Motion Pro action camera 4k hd sports cam 1080p gopro hero helmet bike motorcycle camcorder

Our mission statement: To supply high quality action cameras with a custom lens, excellent image quality and a full set of features, at a reduced price compared to mainstream brands.

Motion Pro is a trading name of Mr Paul Young.

I like doing outdoor sports and I have been riding bikes off-road since a young age. I also did a season snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies in my gap year. I remember taking a film camera out in the snow, but it was cumbersome to carry and did not fit in my pocket. When the first action cameras were released I couldn't justify buying one, as I already had a good quality photo camera. Unwilling to pay the high prices charged by some mainstream brands, I looked at importing a cheaper action camera from the Far East for my own use. I discovered that very good quality cameras are available at reduced prices compared to most European and North American brands.

The earliest model I bought was low cost and had poor quality image. It only worked in bright sunlight, and the battery would run out during the first video. As the technology developed and became cheaper, particularly the CMOS image sensors and more powerful chipsets, the image quality improved. I bought a medium priced one with the updated technology and I was very pleased with the results. It was equal in quality to the expensive GoPros my friends were using, at a price that was affordable to ordinary people. It also had a nice bright LCD screen on the back for composing and viewing the images, and non of my friends' ones had this feature.

Finding a reliable supplier for these actioncams can be difficult. Sometimes they are advertised with misleading specifications, so you receive a fake camcorder with poor electronics inside. However with a well specified camera from a good manufacturer the quality is excellent. The prices of these sports cams are more affordable than the mainstream brands, without sacrificing any picture quality.

I decided to setup this website to bring the benefits of these sports camcorders to others, without the learning curve of working out the best one to buy. Purchasing UK stock also has the advantage that you receive it quickly, instead of waiting for up to a month for shipping from overseas. By sellng a product that I endorse myself and believe in, I hope to have a worthwhile business.

I hope you find this website interesting. Currently actioncams are our only physical product, but I also released software for playing back original video files (SceneMax). If you have any questions send me a message on the action camera Contact Us page,

With my best wishes,

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Motion Pro is a trading name of Mr P W Young
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