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Motion Pro High quality action cameras. Take beautiful HD videos and fantastic photos with a small lightweight camcorder that fits easily in your pocket. Ideal for outdoor sports and travel photography.
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The Best Action Cameras are the ones you use!hd sports cam 1080p 4k gopro review

As high specification digital cameras become the norm, many people are tempted to upgrate and abandon their older models. In many ways this is a shame as the older cameras continue to work well. Like many things in life, we think the best action cameras are the ones you use. An action camera becomes like an old friend, recording the travels and adventures of the owner.

Cameras are Built to Last

Now we have access to the modern digital technology for both conventional photo and the best action cameras, it is still fun to use the old cameras. They are solid pieces of equipment, designed to last a lifetime. When you buy a good camera model in the first place, it stands the test of time and there is little need to upgrade it later on. Although the technology is continually advancing, the best action camera models work very well for their intended purpose. You may purchase one now, and it will continual to serve you for many years ahead.

In a consumer world, a camera stands the test of time!

Pick the Best Tool for the Job

Many poeple now have access to a range of cameras types. Typically a best, high-tech digital photo camera, one on a mobile phone and maybe an action camcorder as well. This means we can choose the best tool for whatever type of photography you are doing. If expecting to take photos that will be important later on, perhaps for a family occasion or special holiday, or if you know you want to print big enlargements then the conventional camera with its range of lens angles works well. If you are going on a more casual trip or want a lightweight model for action use, or a camcorder for making videos then the action camera is preferable. Finally with a mobile phone in your pocket, you are carrying a camera all the time so will never miss the best photo opportunity when it arises.

Modern technology has made photography more diverse!

Keeping Film Going

I started off with photography using film models when I was younger. My first model was a basic point and shoot that my parents gave me. It had a fixed shutter speed and fixed aperture lens, with no exposure controls. I took it outside in the daylight to take photos, which seemed the natural thing to do. I was happy using it, and I had no concept of its limitations. The photos came out OK and I used it in both cloudy or sunny conditions. As I got older I progressed to a more advanced point and shoot film model with automatic exposure control, zoom lens, and a built in flash. This saw me through my school years, and later on travelling in may gap year and University holidays. I came back from my travels with some fantastic postcard quality images. Finally I progressed to a film SLR. I enjoyed using the extra range of lens focal lengths, and seeing the exact frame and focus through the viewfinder.

When digital photography came along I was reluctant to invest in the new technology. The high price tag seemed unnecessary when I already had a working film model. Soon they became popular, and my friends and family were all using them. Eventually I was won over by the convenience and cost saving advantage of not having to develop the films. Around this time I discovered actioncams. A mountain biking friend experimented with mounting a normal digicam to his helmet to make videos (using the video mode). After seeing the results of this, most of my riding friends and I were sold on the idea.

At the moment I use a range of equipment, including film models, a digital camcorder and best action camera. The cost of developing 35mm colour film has increased in recent years, as it has become less popular. I started developing my own films to save money using a C41 home processing kit. The results are good and it was less difficult than I imagined. There are no problems with colour balance and quality, and I would encourage others to keep the old film models going in this way.

I still enjoy using the old film models today!

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