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Motion Pro High quality action cameras. Take beautiful HD videos and fantastic photos with a small lightweight camcorder that fits easily in your pocket. Ideal for outdoor sports and travel photography.
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Bullet HD Action Cameras are changing what is possible with film.rollei 4k 1080p sports helmet cam gopro hero

The Bullet HD is a sleek bullet shaped action camera. It is fully waterproof and easily mounts to your helmet, bicycle, body or virtually any other sports equipment. It has a simple, one button operation and vibrates so the user know when it is switched on, and when the recording starts and stops. As well as recording pro quality full HD videos it also has a photo mode. This takes photos at regular intervals so you can leave it running in the background. The bullet hd features a digital stabiliser. This takes away some of the shakiness from videos, which is common when used in outdoor environments. The bullet hd camera has two video field of view options. The wide mode is around 135 degree FOV with no stabilisation. The narrow mode is stabilised with a FOV around 70 degrees.

Bullet hd cameras have been around for a long time in televised events, such as motor racing. Previously models of bullet hd camera output the video via a cable to a seperate controlling and storage unit. This makes it more cumbersome to use, as the controlling unit must also be carried with the bullet hd camera. Modern storage technology with micro SD cards enables the bullet hd camera to be a stand alone unit. The modern action camera is ideal for outdoor sports. It simply mounts in the preferred location, with no cables or radio transmission necessary. The micro SD card is vibration proof, and does not malfunction or cause corruption of the video in harsh ourdoor environments. The actioncam is also waterproof, so it can be used for a wide range of watersports, as well as diving and snorkelling.

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Motion Pro supply sports camcorders that are a different style, with a rectangular shaped body and separate waterproof case. While it looks different to the one above, the underlying principles are the same. You can mount it almost anywhere, take part in your activity and come back with videos and photos in jaw dropping quality. Modern technology has given WiFi to our models, so it can be operated with a separate remove control. The latest electronics also enables 60 frames per second at full HD, for smooth slow motion effects. Because the Motion Pro Vision is rectangular shaped there is room for a 2" LCD screen on the back. This means you have a viewfinder, and can check the footage and photos on location and retake if neccesarry. There are also many options and features accessible from the menu system, such as different photo modes, white balance modes and exposure compensation.

Motion Pro Cameras open up a wide range of creative opportunities

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