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This is the 3D printed prototype. Click in the box to see the steel production version.

Allows a tall person to use an exercise bike with full leg extension

A common problem with exercise bikes is that the saddle/ seat post often does not raise sufficiently high for tall people to use the bike properly. Correct leg extension is necessary for best pedalling efficiently, and to exercise the leg muscles through their full range of motion. Setting the proper seat height is important, just as it is with riding a real bicycle for any length of time. The generally accepted way of doing this is to sit with your heel on the centre of the pedal. Adjust the saddle height so that your leg is straight but not stretched with the heel on the pedal . This gives a small bend to the knee when the ball of the foot is placed over the centre of the pedal for normal cycling.

Whilst exercise bike manufacturers cater for the average person, unfortunately many don't design their bikes to allow for tall people to set the optimum saddle height. I am 6ft 3" tall and I experienced this problem myself. This led me to design a simple part to extend the height of the exercise bike seat post. I am making it available on this page and I hope it can be useful to others.

At University I was unable to use the spin bike in the college gym because it was not possible to adjust the seat post to be high enough for me. I took up jogging instead, which isn't my preference for regular workouts. Later on I got my own spin bike and I was able to modify the seat tube by drilling extra holes to raise the height. This is not a good solution as it permanently alters /damages it. Also many designs can't easily be modified in this way. Now I have designed this extender and I'm pleased to be able to use it and make it available.

3D printed prototype for the standard saddle fitting

The standard saddle fitting has three bolts which attach to a big triangular plate at the top of the seat post. The extender sits between this top big plate and the saddle. It uses similar triangular plates at the top and bottom so that it simply bolts in place. The prototype part is 3D printed from black ABS plastic. It extends with a seventy degree angle which is a common angle for mountain bikes. This neutral position is appropriate for a range of spin bikes that don't have fore/aft saddle adjustment.

Steel part now available (for Roger Black Gold and Decathlon DOMYOS models)

The 3D printed protoype is not strong enough for actual use. The finished part is now available, made from steel and powder coated. I'm pleased to have got it manufactured and its now available for others to purchase online.

Check that your saddle attachment matches the type shown above. This is a common standard used for most Roger Black models, but there are also other types of saddle fitting, and the extension is not compatible with other standards.
If you have a different size fitting please contact me to register your interest. Its possible other sizes will be made in future.

Distance from front hole centre to rear hole centre (diagonal) - 76mm (3")
Distance between rear hole centres - 63mm (2.5")

It includes three M8 bolts with nuts and washers for attachment of the lower plate. The mounting hardware for the top plate is already present with the saddle.

See the finished steel version of the Seat Post Extender for Roger Black exercise bikes

(Rendered image for illustration only - see photos for actual prototype part)
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