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Play mp4 Videos more Easily with SceneMax Player

When watching our home videos with friends and family we often don't want to play the whole of each video clip. The usual approach is to prepare a new video containing the highlights using video editor software. Whilst this gives a professional looking production, its time consuming and takes some skill. There are many times when its preferable to watch the original mp4 files from the camcorder. The problem is that with other players you can only watch the whole of each file. If you want to watch a middle part you have to interrupt the player to seek to the start point, then interrupt it again to skip to the next video. With SceneMax you can sit back and relax while a pre-configured sequence plays automatically from your original mp4 files.

The SceneMax player lets you make custom sequences from your videos. You setup the scenes you want to watch and it plays them together in a continuous viewing. Using full screen mode its ideal for watching your mp4 videos at home and showing them to your friends. You can save the sequence for viewing or editing later on. It works with computers running Windows 7 through to Windows 10.

SceneMax is an ideal player if you don't need to adjust the colour balance or add digital effects and a soundtrack to your videos. The original mp4 files from the camcorder (or smartphone) have great quality when viewed without modification. The player software supports slow motion for use with action cameras so you don't miss any of the action. It also benefits from playing high frame rate videos at the full 60 frames per second when this camera setting is used, making fast movements appear more fluid.

A Lightweight App for Windows

SceneMax works with Windows 7 through to Windows 10. You may think of it as a programmable remote control. You set the start and end points for the parts you want to watch (we call them scenes) and the program shows them. It runs in its own window with a selection of common sizes as well as a full screen mode.

In the days of analog camcorders footage was often dubbed onto VHS tape for viewing at home. This was a straight stitching together of the highlights, as no other editing was possible without specialist equipment. This approach has been tried and tested and is suitable for home viewings. For some of us it brings back memories of the 1980's and 1990's. The simplicity of watching the original files saves time on getting to grips with complex programs that are used for digital film production.

The trial version is available as a free download. It gives you a thirty day evaluation period with full functionality and no adverts. If you wish to continue using it the full version costs only £10 per year.

Read more about its key features, see common applications and download the free trial version using the link below

SceneMax mp4 video player software

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SceneMax Scene Creator and Playback Utility

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