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Motion Pro High quality action cameras. Take beautiful HD videos and fantastic photos with a small lightweight camcorder that fits easily in your pocket. Ideal for outdoor sports and travel photography.
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Participation in the healthy sports and fitness based lifestyle takes us to many interesting places. In our journey through a typical year, we hopefully undertake a range of fun persuits and activities. Our encounters with nature and the outdoors also help us to make new friends. When we are engrossed in these sports, it is easy to overlook photography and leave the video camera behind. We already have the gear associated with our sport to look after. The video camera is often ommitted so we can focus on the activity without further distractions. Because of this many of the best photogenic scenes are confined to our memory. Whilst this is okay for a while, memories can fade with the passing of time. From memory it is difficult to convey the essence of what motivates us to friends and family.

A photographic record of outdoor sports is good to have later on. Looking back at the camera's videos and photos brings back memories of the places, the people and what happened. As well as the general overview, you can also make special photos and videos of the best action sports scenes for your own satisfaction and to show to friends and family. With a dedicated sports video camera you stay engrossed in your sport, while still easily capturing quality images. Full-on participation conveys the essence of the activity better, and you can photograph the action as it happens.

For example you can make a film diary of a special holiday abroad, and share it with your travel companions. Take a whole year and make a photographic yearbook of everything you got up to, with the enthasis of the changing seasons of the year. Use the ten frames-per-second burst mode to capture the perfect moment of a jump or trick, then turn it into a poster to put on your wall. Challenge yourself to make your own movie, with quality editing to look as good as the professional ones. These are some ideas as to how a dedicated actioncam can improve your fitness life, without comprimising your focus on participation

A camcorder for life in the moment. Hold onto your moments!

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