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Hever Castle
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Make custom viewing experiences from your home videos without any editing.

The YouTube demo shows recording a video sequence with the Red /Green button system. The footage was filmed at Hever Castle, Kent.
Historic Hever Castle was the family home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII in the 16th Century.
tubemate mp4Scene Ceator and Playback Utility

SceneMax android app is for playing back custom sequences from your video files. You play customiseable highlights to create your own viewing experience, without having to watch the whole of each file. You simply watch the parts of interest without needing to edit a whole new video.

videoder kinemasterWhy would I want to use it?

When playing back our home videos we usually don't want to watch the full length of each clip. Its better to show the highlights of the clips joined together into one continuous video, and then set it to play and sit back and relax. Normally this requires creation of a new video using editor software. This can be time consuming and involved especially for those unfamiliar with film production.

SceneMax android app is ideal for rapidly preparing viewings for friends and family. You make a sequence of the interesting parts of videos collected on your android phone, tablet or camcorder, without needing to edit a whole new video (its not an editor).

vidmate snaptubeHow does it work?

With this app you import footage stored on your device or from an external camcorder connected by USB. You set the start end end points for each scene, by clicking the "Include" and "Stop" buttons while you watch. When done with a particular file you may skip to the next one to save time. When finished you save the sequence data on your device to play or edit later on.

star imovie inshotExtra features

SceneMax supports captions. These are displayed as subtitles when watching the finished sequence. This includes an overall title and description, as well as captions for the individual scene. This can be useful to communicate what different parts of the film are about.

It also supports Slow Motion for use with GoPro™ style action cameras and outdoor sports. You may fine tune the time when it starts and ends as well as the percentage play speed. Its ideal for making a presentation on a ski/snowboard holiday or outdoor sports trip when you only have your phone, without access to a PC and film production software.

It supports twenty three different languages for use around the world.

cutter stitcherFree with no adverts

The full version is available as a free download from the Play Store. You may try it out and see if its useful by downloading the
android video editor app without any charge. This is time unlimited with no adverts and includes any future updates.

There is also a Windows PC program - Ideal for plugging a laptop into a TV with HDMI.

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SceneMax Scene Creator and Playback Utility

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