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The hop on, hop off sightseeing bus tour of Barcelona is an ideal test for the camera. The open top bus tour has excellent views of the city's many landmarks and attractions. Barcelona is the largest city on the Mediterranian Sea, and the only city in the world that was awarded a Royal Gold Medal for architecture. Barcelona's turistic bus has three hop on tour routes and gives sightseeing access to the city's 55 museums, 68 parks, the biggest football stadium in Europe and many other attractions. The hop on, hop off sightseeing tour started from Barcelona's famous Sagrada Familia and continued into the evening. There was heavy rain in the evening requiring covering of the bus, and this made for interesting reflections in the city streets.

The camera has to cope with a wide range of lighting conditions from the sunny daytime to the dim shadows and dark evening streets. The advanced low light performance of the Sony Exmor R sensor is utilised for the night time footage. The motion of the bus tour shows how the camera lens works with the moving view, similar to a cyclist or skier's helmet camera. The lens angle is wide enough to take in the surrounding scenery and for the motion to appear to scroll smoothly. The distortion at the sides of the picture is less than with many other action cameras, and interesting features in the foreground appear larger than with the more typical 170 degree FOV lens.

The camera was also used to take photos of places visitted on this trip, including inside the Sagrada Familia (below). Its a lightweight general purpose camera that you can carry in your pocket, without having to worry about a more professional camera getting damaged or stolen. For non-action applications it takes decent photos/videos, whilst also making a great helmet camera for mountain biking and snow sports. This versatility allows it to take pleasing photos/videos in many situations, while also being easy to carry around with low cost and high fun factor.

Here is the link to the official website for Barcelona Open Top Hop On City Sightseeing

We have a Night Time Film that shows the excellent low light performance of the Sony Exmor R™ imaging sensor.

See also our
Time Lapse Video that shows the camcorder's output using its built in time lapse mode.

We have a
Lens Change Modification Video that shows the test footage from our modified helmetcam.

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