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A Time-Lapse Video Camera Enhances your Creativity photography outdoor landscape sunset iphone gopro dslr

With time-lapse photography you can make videos of slowly changing landscapes, such as outdoor places, street scenes and sunsets. It works by taking photographic frames at slow, regular intervals. The frames are played in fast succession to make the finished time-lapse video. This gives the effect of time passing more quickly, with motion in the landscape speeded up. People and moving objects such as vehicles appear to move rapidly. Changing sunlight, shadows, clouds and weather flow and drift naturally across the landscape and sky.

The speed of the finished time lapse video is controlled by the frequency of the camera's frames. For relatively fast moving objects, such as people moving through a street scene, you should use a fast frame rate such as 0.5 second intervals. For slower moving landscapes, with sunlight, clouds and weather a slow frame rate is needed for time-lapse such as 10 second intervals.

Many older action camera models do not have the ability to produce time-lapse video directly. You can set them to take photos at regular intervals with the timer, but this outputs a stream of .jpg photo files. The users must make the video themselves, by stitching the photos together. Whilst this is possible, it is time consuming and you need a video editing program that can accept the large number of photos. Furthermore the photos are normally taken in 4:3 aspect ratio, and this must be converted to 16:9 widescreen for the video. The frame rate of time-lapse videos made this way may not be fast enough for a smooth, professional effect.

The Motion Pro Vision camera has a dedicated time lapse video mode. This outputs the finished video files directly. You simply start and stop the recording. There is a range of settings for the frame interval, starting at 0.5 seconds and going up to 60 seconds. Selecting the appropriate frame rate allows you to capture many different scenes, from people walking around to moonlight and stars moving across the night sky. You can also use all the normal video settings, changing modes such as resolution and white balance. The WiFi remote control lets you start and stop the recording remotely, so you can mount the camera out of reach. It outputs smooth .mp4 motion picture files at 30 frames per second with no post processing needed. This is very easy and convenient to use.

This sample film shows sunlight and clouds moving across the Kent countryside. The actioncam was set at 10 seconds per frame, using a rotating tripod head. This sweeps it through a 45 degree angle. It was made using a one hour sweep from left to right. To preserve the natural colours of the changing light, the white balance mode was changed from "auto" to "sunny". This fixes it at the same setting, so that changes in the colour of the light over the period can be seen. It was filmed using the 2.7k mode and down sized to 720P later on.

Making speeded up films is another way to enhance your creativity. You can also use it to add interesting segments to your regular films, in order to engage the viewer more with what is taking place. There are many possibilities for creating interesting and beautiful effects.

There is also a helpful website with advice on how to create a time-lapse video step by step, using a normal DSLR shooting .jpg or raw files on a timer.

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