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VideFlow: Sports Video Analysis for Androidvideo editor youtube iphone facetime screen recorder tubemate ad blocker mp4

Slow motion player, AI full body map, trackers & traces.

The YouTube demo shows visualisation of basketball, tracing the motion of the player's head, finding the maximum jump height and tracing the basketball's trajectory.
tubemate mp4Slow Motion Player

VideFlow is a slow motion player for studying sporting motions. Film yourself and play it frame-by-frame to see the detailed motion. The app is based on a video player with slow down, pause, and fast frame advance. Useful for many sports activities, such as tennis and golf swings, martial arts, gymnastics, jumps in basketball, dance, skateboarding and others.

videoder kinemasterAdd AI Visualisations

Add visualisations to the video with AI computer vision to see it more clearly. Body mapping tracks your body through the motion. Turn on body frame lines and draw traces of body points. You can also find limits of body points in four directions, show body frame angles and find their maximum/minimum limits.

There are two custom trackers that can follow any object in the video, such as sports equipment. Draw traces of a racquet or ball, or show the height of a skateboard wheel from the ground. Traces and direction limit visualisations are available for the trackers.

vidmate snaptubeExport your Motions

Motions can be exported to MP4 video for reference and sharing with friends. These are watermarked but you may remove the watermark with an in-app purchase for a small one-off charge. You may save your motions at different stages in the app and revert back to them later on.

VideFlow runs entirely on your device . There is no need for an internet connection and you can use it anywhere.

cutter stitcherFree with no adverts

The main app is available as a free download from the Play Store. You may try it out and see if its useful by downloading the
android video editor app without any charge. This is time unlimited with no adverts and includes any future updates. There is one in-app purchase available to remove the watermark from exported videos. The app runs entirely on your device and we do not collect any personal data.
Screenshots from a tablet:

View at the Play Store:
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VideFlow VideFlow Sports Video Analysis App

action camera gopro sj4000
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action camera gopro sj4000
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